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sf-st-fireplace.jpg (20358 bytes)

sf-st-walled-garden.jpg (12456 bytes)

sf-st-wall.jpg (26398 bytes)

sf-st-door.jpg (31622 bytes)

Come Home to a Real Fire

Walled Garden

part of garden wall backdrop

faux door

sf-st-double-cut.jpg (21874 bytes)

sf-st-winter-scene.jpg (13048 bytes)

sf-st-hilly-view.jpg (13062 bytes)

sf-st-sand-castles.jpg (16940 bytes)

Backdrop for Double Cut

Snow scene backdrop

stone wall and hilly landscape

part of beach scene backdrop

sf-st-inverted-fireplace.jpg (11672 bytes)

sf-st-madonna.jpg (22401 bytes)

faux fireplace and surround

What's Cooking?

Fallen Madonna by van Clomp

The Leering Cavalier


backdrop for Because of the Lockwoods